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Private Mortgage in Brampton

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private mortgage

Private Mortgage in Brampton.

Private mortgages in Brampton are flexible loans that people take from private lenders to buy home or property as per their condition, but they need to pay interest each month.

If executed properly private mortgage can benefit everyone included in the mortgage. However without precautions, things can go wrong for your relationship as well as for your finances. So always keep the big picture in mind as you decide whether to borrow or lend using private mortgage. In this blog we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of private mortgage.

Why should I use a private mortgage lender?

You’d like to take up the private mortgage under these situations:
  • You want to buy a unique property style that a bank or any other lender can’t assist.
  • Furthermore, you want a quick and personal loan for your urgent work.
  • Your poor credit score is preventing you from taking loans from banks.
  • You need a loan for personal use that you can’t open up.
  • You’ve an income source that you can’t confirm to traditional lenders.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Mortgage.

Private mortgages are of high-interest rate, but they have more benefits than traditional loans. Let’s count on the benefits.

Advantages that you must know:

  1. Quick process: Private mortgages are quicker to process than other conventional mortgages. You’ll get personal human trust with this. With banks, you’ll get stuck with document work and long days of wait. On the basis of your property, you’ll get quick funds in your account.
  2. Qualify with your property: Private lenders focus on property they’re investing in and have equal care of your purchased home by adding security.
    If your loan is rejected by the bank, you can easily apply for the private mortgage in Brampton.
  3. No Stress test: You don’t need to pass the stress test to get the loan.
  4. Financing + maintenance: Private lender will cover the property cost that needs renovation and can finance the maintenance cost, which is difficult in case of traditional lender. Covering the renovation with the purchasing cost is rare.
  5. Short term and flexible option: A private mortgage is the perfect option till you find more options to invest in more capital without selling old ones.

Disadvantages that you must know:

Large interest rate: Private lenders add their service fee with the loan price that makes it even higher. This point is one downfall on private mortgages in Brampton, but it’s best for those who only require this to purchase their next property.

We always suggest you speak with us on a personal basis before making the decision of applying for the private mortgage. Our brokers will guarantee that you understand the rules and regulations by giving you profitable, efficient ways. Experts will guide through the process and offer you options that are good for your financial needs.

Who can we help as a Private Mortgage lender in Brampton?

  1. For permanent resident of Canada: As a PR of Canada, you’re qualified for standard mortgages and programs. A 5 % down payment is necessary with a 680 credit score. If you don’t have a 680 credit score, then you’ll get a new resident program, but this has other requirements.
  2. For New immigrants: New to Canada, then you must be legally ready to work in Canada, must have a permit to work, buy the property, RBC demands minimum 35% down payment without any credit score for newcomers. In case you’re very new to applying and won’t have a credit rate then, you must carry a letter of reference from your original country. What matters before you apply for this private mortgage is your income source proof from your employer, your debt situation to decide your ability to repay, and your detailed employment history.
  3. Unstable Income: Traditional income asks for 2 years of work history to confirm that you’ve a steady source of income. If your income fluctuates, such as through commission or any other self-employed source, then it’s for you.

Would I be able to borrow more?

Here you get the chance to borrow extra from a private lender in comparison to banks which only give 80% of the value of your property. But a private mortgage lender will serve you 90%to 95% loan-to-value, which will assist you for a long time.
Private mortgages assist you with MIC, Individual lenders and syndicate lenders types of options that you can choose from.
Mortgage lenders can charge 10-18% of interest rate depending on your property, current situation, and the profile of the borrower. Interest range depends on the source of financing, and it can fluctuate depending on the Individual lender.
Private mortgage lenders are focused on residential property, commercial ones, for renovation, only for urban areas, and only for a specific region like Brampton. Depending on the situation, the private lending process can take up to 24-48 hours.

Call us at +16477876900 or email us at if you’d want to know more about Private mortgage and if you want any advice with the loan. We are here to listen to your financial situation.

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