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A private mortgage is an alternative source of financing given to a borrower by a private lender, and is usually sought after when a traditional bank or lending institution will not approve a borrower for a mortgage or a home refinance loan. They are usually short-term interest-only loans ranging from 6 months to 3 years.

Private lenders understand that the guidelines used by the banks and other traditional lending institutions are too stringent, and that in many cases banks turn away borrowers who are perfectly capable of paying back their mortgages. Unlike banks, private lenders place a larger focus on the value and over condition of the property, instead of simply looking at the borrower’s credit and income.

A 1 year term is most common when it comes to a private mortgage. If this is a problem for you and a shorter or longer term might be a better choice, those types of private mortgages are available through certain mortgage lenders who lend using their own private funds. Terms start from 6 months for a private home loan and can be as long as 3 years for a private first mortgage, second, or third mortgage depending on the lender.

A private mortgage is an ideal short term solution for someone who almost qualifies at a B lender but might need some time to either build up their credit, save up a larger down payment, or grow their income and net worth. In this case, private is the way to go.

Unlike traditional lending institutions, private mortgage lenders lend primarily based on the value of the property, the equity remaining in the real estate, and they even take into consideration the city where the property is located in.

Why Turn To A Private Mortgage Lender?

There are many reasons why borrowers require the help or a private lender. Here are some of the most common reasons why you would turn to Motgage Broker for a private mortgage :

Types Of Private Mortgage Lenders

Here are the 3 most common types of private lenders:Here are the 3 most common types of private lenders:

Individual lenders:

When an individual is investing their own personal money towards private lending, they are considered to be an individual lender.

Syndicate investors:

When a group of investors invest their personal funds as a group into one mortgage, it is considered a syndicate mortgage.

Mortgage investment corporation (MIC):

When a group of investors pool together their personal funds and make them available to invest into several different mortgages simultaneously, provided that the borrowers meet specific criteria to qualify for the loan.

Privacy Policy

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